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Movie did not disappoint!...[^.^]

I really enjoyed this movie. I'm easy when it comes to movies with long ago, mystical storylines. So either way I would have liked this movie, just for being about Persia, and a Prince.

But right from the start, with the voice over narrative, I loved it. The sets, and scenery were all gorgeous. Alamut (sp?) was gorgeous! All the gold accents, elephants, even the fantastic fountain with the peacock statues at the end was beautiful...Even the SAND was pretty...hee! Not to go unmentioned was the outfits/clothing, especially Tamina's. They were my absolute favorite (So want to be her for Halloween!...hee!)

As for the story arc, I enjoyed it. It was kind of obvious (to me) that the bad guy was the uncle, thought I thought one of the brothers was in on it at one point until I realized that the middle brother (Garsiv), was clueless to most things. And the oldest (Tus) seemed to have blinders on. But in the end I did like both the brothers, and was happy with the way it worked out at the end.

Liked how the brothers (Garsiv & Tus) also changed at the end, with the Tus deciding to have Dastan and Tamina marry, unlike at the beginning when he was to marry her himself. Even Garsiv seem to be a bit friendlier toward Dastan.

Also enjoyed the music/score. The song at the end/during credits, was nice.

Best of all was the effects when they used the dagger. Verrry smooth and shiney!...

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