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4TH TIMES THE CHARM....*i hope*

So I got 80% of the way through this LONG graphics post and as usual my computer picks that moment to go BACK a page, when all I wanted to do was go BACK a SPACE....urgh! But since I knew something like this would happen I was prepared....^_^

So here is the run down again:

[01-11] Gravitation Icons
[01-19] Sailor Moon Icons [01-06] NCIS 'Zivaism' Quote Icons
[01-09] Twilight Quote Icons

[01-08] Sheppard and Teyla Wallpapers [Calendar to be posted]
[01-06] Teyla Wallpaper [Calendar to be posted]


Gravitation Icons:

Yukiiii!!!!....Yuuuukiiiii!!!!!........^_^ )

Sailor Moon Icons:

Fighting evil by moonlight.... )

NCIS zivaisms quote icons:

zivaisms.....quotes... )

Twilight Quote Icons :

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb... )

Sheppard and Teyla wallie

Teyla Wallies...


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Ok so it's all the evil influence of my friend that makes me get sucked into these things, first off. My day trip to NY was great, had alot of fun, and came back with a few nice pics, and gotta love jeweled hairclips...can never get tired of those...*lol*

Anyway, went to Kinokuniya's with my friend, badbad move....Anime/Manga store + My friend = $$$$$....

I resisted all I could seriously I did, ok all of 2 mins, then i caved, when i saw this manga called, SEX= LOVE^2, yes the guy on the cover was intriguiging as well. Never mind that it's an untranslated volume, I couldn't resist and watched as my hand grabbed it. Then I went to vol 3 of Private Prince...my friend had gotten vol 1 and 2 on our last visit and we'd already looked it over, and searched out the scanlations for it, so we knew what was going on, but wasn't it just my luck when i went to get it there was only vol 3. So I grabbed that as well. Anyway, I thought 2 untranslated versions was enough. So I headed over to the english section, (STUFF I CAN ACTUALLY READ)....grabbed the newest Gravitation novel, then Aishiteruze Baby...and Boys Over Flowers.

EDIT for my Siggy addition:   MY OTP for Hana Yori Dango


So that leads me to the new manga, that i'm in love with. Hana Yori Dango...


*hehehe*...will have to make an icon for it now.....*skips off*....

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OK, AG! Time for a new anime.....;- )

So, i've FINALLY got my cable hooked up, after dealing with the laziest cable guy ever, who told us we had to re-run wires through the walls, down from the attic, about it being a customized thing, when the other cable guy, who showed up after we'd re-run lines told us that was their job, not ours. So not cool. But anyway, got the cable hooked up, just have to attach my router and i'll be up and enjoying my wireless again....*woohoo*

So, back to the cable, gotta love Anime Network ONDEMAND....

Unfortunately, nothing was updated, for me to watch, ended up rewatching three episodes of GRAVITATION- Yaoi btw...for Shuichi is so hard to resist, just picture a guy who has Serena (Sailor Moon) personality, not the whiney part, but the overzealous, upbeat side.....O_o...

Brief summary, Shuichi Shindou, I'd say he's around 16-18, and his friend Hiro,  are trying to get their band famous. Shuichi is the vocalist and lyricist. Hiro plays the guitar. Anyway, Shu is having a bit of trouble finishing his song, and he get's insulted by Eiri Yuki, romance novelist...a GUY....

Basically, it's love at first sight, Shuichi tracks down Yuki to find out why he's so rude, and well, after that it's all up hill, and then down hill, but up again.

But the anime i'm really loving is:

It's beyond cute....it's absolutely funny.

So, basic plot, girl's parents go on vacation, they meet boys parents, both sets of parents figure out they're not IN-LOVE with their respective spouses, but with the other spouses. So they open with girl's parents telling them they're going to get divorces and re-marry the other couple, since they also feel the same way. Well she is not happy to say the least.

So the families get together for a dinner, she get all dreamy when they meets the son, who is very accepting of the changes that's going on. So anyway, she's still against it, but caves, only to find out that they're all going to be living together, the parents figure they'd buy a big house and all live together so they won't have to choose. Well girl thinks that is beyond adnormal.

And so, they divorce and move in together. Not married yet, something about a woman has to be divorced 6 months before she remarries. So, now they're all living together, and it seems to me that's she's every so slowly being assimilated into her 'ABNORMAL' family....

Now only if my first volume would arrive.....:-D



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