Jan. 2nd, 2007 12:27 pm
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hehehe...yes anime again....

So this new years weekend was an anime fest for me. After watching all of Marmalade Boy, I attached myself to Hana Yori Dango (Boys over Flowers)...first I watched all the available episodes, so there's some I missed. Well it's similar to the manga, but it doesn't go as long as the manga does, and the end of the anime is different than the manga, but just as good, so i can't complain. Then i watched the live action drama, well that was a first for me. i don't normally watch those, but after watching Hana Yori Dango I could become addicted. It was fabulous. Ok the guys clothing at the beginning was a bit weird, come on a silver jacket, very scary. And gotta say, the boys were awesome...I definitely got the same vide I got when I read the manga. You definitely think Rui is so nice and quite, but he still has this charm about him that's pretty cool. And right off I thought of Domyouji as a spoilt little brat who needed a good whipping. I totally enjoyed Tsubaki's (Domyouji's sister), entrance into the series. There were total difference between the manga and the live action drama. First off there's no Kuzuya, and then the girl Ayano who's suppose to be one guys fiancee is Domyouji's fiancee now. And there's a definite combination of scenes from the manga, it flows but it's the same content but mixed up. 

Anyway, in the anime I find Tsukushi's parents rather annoying, not as annoying as the manga, but almost, I don't think they showed up in the anime enough to annoy me or maybe those were the episodes i missed. In the manga, they did the most ridiculous things that just made me want to slap them if I knew them. The worst of it was they totally ruined her prom dress that Domyouji bought her  to wear to attend his prom with him, since he's a year older than her. Only to have her mother wear it, rip it, stitich it back then, she's got to help them move, get's stuck in mud, and I do believe rips her dress again when her father steps on it. I really got ticked at that point, since they were totally involved with her gettting married to Domyouji, there's other insane things they did, and that she was forced to do because of them that made me dislike them majorly.

The next thing I watched was Aishiteruze word to describe this series.... KAWAAAIIIII....*cute*...hehehe....Yuzuyu is so cute she's just downright scary at times, she's almost always crying in the beginning, and when she starts calling Kippei 'baka' = idiot in one episode it's absolutely hilarious, since she all but worships the ground he walks on. I really loved this, it was a great anime. Too bad I only read the first manga, oh well i'm not going to go back and read it...I'm lazy like that.

Anyway, that was my gush for anime....*thinks about doing a fanfic*....

well it'll have to wait until this weekend...*hmmmm*....*sigh*

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Ok so it's all the evil influence of my friend that makes me get sucked into these things, first off. My day trip to NY was great, had alot of fun, and came back with a few nice pics, and gotta love jeweled hairclips...can never get tired of those...*lol*

Anyway, went to Kinokuniya's with my friend, badbad move....Anime/Manga store + My friend = $$$$$....

I resisted all I could seriously I did, ok all of 2 mins, then i caved, when i saw this manga called, SEX= LOVE^2, yes the guy on the cover was intriguiging as well. Never mind that it's an untranslated volume, I couldn't resist and watched as my hand grabbed it. Then I went to vol 3 of Private friend had gotten vol 1 and 2 on our last visit and we'd already looked it over, and searched out the scanlations for it, so we knew what was going on, but wasn't it just my luck when i went to get it there was only vol 3. So I grabbed that as well. Anyway, I thought 2 untranslated versions was enough. So I headed over to the english section, (STUFF I CAN ACTUALLY READ)....grabbed the newest Gravitation novel, then Aishiteruze Baby...and Boys Over Flowers.

EDIT for my Siggy addition:   MY OTP for Hana Yori Dango


So that leads me to the new manga, that i'm in love with. Hana Yori Dango...


*hehehe*...will have to make an icon for it now.....*skips off*....


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