Jan. 2nd, 2007 12:27 pm
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hehehe...yes anime again....

So this new years weekend was an anime fest for me. After watching all of Marmalade Boy, I attached myself to Hana Yori Dango (Boys over Flowers)...first I watched all the available episodes, so there's some I missed. Well it's similar to the manga, but it doesn't go as long as the manga does, and the end of the anime is different than the manga, but just as good, so i can't complain. Then i watched the live action drama, well that was a first for me. i don't normally watch those, but after watching Hana Yori Dango I could become addicted. It was fabulous. Ok the guys clothing at the beginning was a bit weird, come on a silver jacket, very scary. And gotta say, the boys were awesome...I definitely got the same vide I got when I read the manga. You definitely think Rui is so nice and quite, but he still has this charm about him that's pretty cool. And right off I thought of Domyouji as a spoilt little brat who needed a good whipping. I totally enjoyed Tsubaki's (Domyouji's sister), entrance into the series. There were total difference between the manga and the live action drama. First off there's no Kuzuya, and then the girl Ayano who's suppose to be one guys fiancee is Domyouji's fiancee now. And there's a definite combination of scenes from the manga, it flows but it's the same content but mixed up. 

Anyway, in the anime I find Tsukushi's parents rather annoying, not as annoying as the manga, but almost, I don't think they showed up in the anime enough to annoy me or maybe those were the episodes i missed. In the manga, they did the most ridiculous things that just made me want to slap them if I knew them. The worst of it was they totally ruined her prom dress that Domyouji bought her  to wear to attend his prom with him, since he's a year older than her. Only to have her mother wear it, rip it, stitich it back then, she's got to help them move, get's stuck in mud, and I do believe rips her dress again when her father steps on it. I really got ticked at that point, since they were totally involved with her gettting married to Domyouji, there's other insane things they did, and that she was forced to do because of them that made me dislike them majorly.

The next thing I watched was Aishiteruze word to describe this series.... KAWAAAIIIII....*cute*...hehehe....Yuzuyu is so cute she's just downright scary at times, she's almost always crying in the beginning, and when she starts calling Kippei 'baka' = idiot in one episode it's absolutely hilarious, since she all but worships the ground he walks on. I really loved this, it was a great anime. Too bad I only read the first manga, oh well i'm not going to go back and read it...I'm lazy like that.

Anyway, that was my gush for anime....*thinks about doing a fanfic*....

well it'll have to wait until this weekend...*hmmmm*....*sigh*

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I should be in bed right now as it's 3:15am, but Camy asked why I hadn't posted my new wallie on my LJ, and since i'm up and have got the time I thought I'd post it and share it with all....
First off are my Elizabeth Weir Icons, Ronon Icon, and combined with my Ronon/Liz Icons (now now don't throw rotten tomatoes I couldn't help it), Teyla Icons, and then my two animes Kaikan Phrase, and Marmalade icons.



Elizabeth Weir, Ronon Dex, and Elizabeth&Ronon )
Teyla Emmagan, (spoilers for episode 3-12), and John Sheppard )
Kaikan Phrase, and Marmalade Boy )
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Episode 1-19

It arrived yesterday, and I sad and watched the 14 I hadn't seen, got finished at 1:30 in the morning but it was worth it.

episode review..... )
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So, my addition to the shep and teyla holiday pics/sigs was 


not really halloween but more gothic....right?

And my other obsession, i'm taking this icon at a time....not to overwhelm my flist with the prettiness that is Yuu and Miki....:-D

And my new Banner....another fascination!!!....

oh AG, I got Volumes 9 and 10....So great had a coupon so i could afford it...hehehe....I ordered 11 @ borders so it should be in soon....
and without further adieu....

Kaikan Phrase!!!!!!!

Also, if there's anything anyone should know about me, I got my start with yes...SAILOR MOON, with my absolute favorite sailor scout being many reasons so little time...but I did a banner....:-D

And that's the end of my graphics blitz....gotta work on the masque ball ficcy...laterz...
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I feel so accomplished I did my first rain effect....:-D


I did a siggy with it...pretty simple but I like...

and my totally spankin new obsession Marmalade first Avi...:-D


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OK, AG! Time for a new anime.....;- )

So, i've FINALLY got my cable hooked up, after dealing with the laziest cable guy ever, who told us we had to re-run wires through the walls, down from the attic, about it being a customized thing, when the other cable guy, who showed up after we'd re-run lines told us that was their job, not ours. So not cool. But anyway, got the cable hooked up, just have to attach my router and i'll be up and enjoying my wireless again....*woohoo*

So, back to the cable, gotta love Anime Network ONDEMAND....

Unfortunately, nothing was updated, for me to watch, ended up rewatching three episodes of GRAVITATION- Yaoi btw...for Shuichi is so hard to resist, just picture a guy who has Serena (Sailor Moon) personality, not the whiney part, but the overzealous, upbeat side.....O_o...

Brief summary, Shuichi Shindou, I'd say he's around 16-18, and his friend Hiro,  are trying to get their band famous. Shuichi is the vocalist and lyricist. Hiro plays the guitar. Anyway, Shu is having a bit of trouble finishing his song, and he get's insulted by Eiri Yuki, romance novelist...a GUY....

Basically, it's love at first sight, Shuichi tracks down Yuki to find out why he's so rude, and well, after that it's all up hill, and then down hill, but up again.

But the anime i'm really loving is:

It's beyond's absolutely funny.

So, basic plot, girl's parents go on vacation, they meet boys parents, both sets of parents figure out they're not IN-LOVE with their respective spouses, but with the other spouses. So they open with girl's parents telling them they're going to get divorces and re-marry the other couple, since they also feel the same way. Well she is not happy to say the least.

So the families get together for a dinner, she get all dreamy when they meets the son, who is very accepting of the changes that's going on. So anyway, she's still against it, but caves, only to find out that they're all going to be living together, the parents figure they'd buy a big house and all live together so they won't have to choose. Well girl thinks that is beyond adnormal.

And so, they divorce and move in together. Not married yet, something about a woman has to be divorced 6 months before she remarries. So, now they're all living together, and it seems to me that's she's every so slowly being assimilated into her 'ABNORMAL' family....

Now only if my first volume would arrive.....:-D



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