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So my sister thought I should do this layout of the Twilight pictures...She says (and I agree) it makes it look much more balanced.

And here is a sig of the same layout:

And Finally my first Sheppard/Teyla Sig that I've done in awhile...

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So this was suppose to be done weeks ago!!!...but had a few misunderstanding with my graphics program....and inspiration flew the nest....^_^...but on with the show...umm...movie...



Twilight Review...Spoilers!... )

Now on to the good stuff:

SIGS... ) 

BANNERS.... ) 

WALLIES.... ) 

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Before we get to the goodies...here's a reminder

*click banner to get to jt_sga_awards*

Here's a few S/T Siggies...

SGA: Shep/Teyla Siggies )
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This is a compilation of all my stargate atlantis:




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I'll strive to have some order while i post these siggies, icons, and wallies.....

ok little ones first.....ICONS....

sorry for repeats I'm not sure what i've posted where.....

1. 2.  3.   4. 

5. 6.  7. 8.  
9.  10. 11. 12.  
13.  14.  15.

yes yes...i know...i went through a weir phase....hehehehe....

Now for the pretty Shep/teyla siggies.....



and the wallies...


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So, my addition to the shep and teyla holiday pics/sigs was 


not really halloween but more gothic....right?

And my other obsession, i'm taking this slowly...one icon at a time....not to overwhelm my flist with the prettiness that is Yuu and Miki....:-D

And my new Banner....another fascination!!!....

oh AG, I got Volumes 9 and 10....So great had a coupon so i could afford it...hehehe....I ordered 11 @ borders so it should be in soon....
and without further adieu....

Kaikan Phrase!!!!!!!

Also, if there's anything anyone should know about me, I got my start with yes...SAILOR MOON, with my absolute favorite sailor scout being Venus...so many reasons so little time...but I did a banner....:-D

And that's the end of my graphics blitz....gotta work on the masque ball ficcy...laterz...
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I feel so accomplished I did my first rain effect....:-D


I did a siggy with it...pretty simple but I like...

and my totally spankin new obsession Marmalade Boy...my first Avi...:-D


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Characters: Santa (drums), Yuki (guitar), Sakuya (vocals), Atsuro (guitar), Towa (guitar), 
Aine (lyricist)-not pictured

So, my friend introduced me to a new manga, Kaikan Phrase (Sensual Phrase), it's very good. Okay so it could be considered complete and total smut, but there is a story there underneath it all, and it's interesting.


Mainly Aine and Sakuya. Sakuya accidentlly almost hits Aine with his car, she drops a poem she's written, he's in a rush gives her a pass to a concert Lucifer is doing, and she runs away. He picks up the poem she dropped, and at the concert sings it as Lucifer's new song. Sakuya convinces Aine, or asks her to be Lucifer's lyricist. And they go from there.

Starts off with Sakuya, playing the piano in a restaurant. Santa and Yuki has quit their band 'Climb', cause Santa find out his GF has been cheating on him with another bandmate,they start visiting live houses, to find replacement bandmates.  Towa quits his band also b/c he doesn't think they're improveing. And Atsuro's bandmates are his classmates who are more into studying and passing exams, over continuing as a band. They all find each other, it takes some convincing but Sakuya finally decides to be their vocalist, very cocky, or over confident. He's always getting into squabbles with Santa, who is very high tempered. The reach fame, though they split at one point but get's back together. Finally they try for the international scene, by going to London. Sakuya flips his coin (the way he makes his decisions), and points in one direction. They walk that way and they do this highlight of all the bandmates. Anime OVER.


I've read the first 8 volumes, and it's gone pretty well. I haven't finished the manga yet, (since i'm broke and have no $$ to buy the rest atm), so I went surfing the net to see if an anime was made for it. Low and behold there was one. And being excited like a kid in a candy store, I sad down, and started watching the episodes. There's 44 in total.

It was interesting, okay it was good, the anime, definitely can hold it's own and if I'd never read the manga I would say that I'm totally inlove with it. But I had read the manga, and when I started watching the anime, I hoped to see in motion almost everything I'd read. Though that would not be. It seems where the manga started with Aine(main girl) and Sakuya(main guy) meeting, the anime gives you background on Sakuya, and how he and the band Lucifer(aucifer- for which the anime and manga is about), was formed. It then goes on to show they rise to fame, this take 20 episodes (30min/epi) before it starts up with the manga.

One thing I like in the anime is that there's more interaction with the bandmates. You find out more about them than you do in the manga, where as in the manga, so far I've only read one shortie on Atsuro (bass player-i believe), and Yuki (bass player??)---so i know nothing about bands, they both play guitars...lol....

I'd say that the manga, has a bit more drama in it. That and for some reason every 5 pages, it's Sakuya doing Aine...since basically the Manga seems to be about them.

Anyway, I hope the anime doesn't give me the dissapointing ending like the anime. I mean come on I wanna know more....:D

Some other graphics I did for my new pretty obsession:


Sakuya Graphics )

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Well it's the neighborhood crazy manip lady posting again.

According to Camy I'm getting better at these manips...what say you...:-D
Shep and Teyla Season 3 Promo Pic Manip )
S/T Season 3 inspired sigs )

And finally the icons....sorry if i repeat some...

S/T Icons )
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I thought it was time i updated my journal to include all the shep/teyla siggies, i've been making for the GW party.


Hide and Seek to Childhood's End: Sheppard and Teyla Sigs THIS WAY )

In Addition to those here are a few manips of the Season 3 promos, and also some siggies.


Season 3: Shep/Teyla Manipulation and Sigs )
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Hey!......bringing you all the beautiful graphics featured on the GW shep/teyla thread....

Let's start with the newest ones in honor of our Hiatus Bash recapping Seasons 1 and 2 shep/teyla moments



Click ME---I'll give you sigs and icons...:-D )


Apr. 7th, 2006 04:13 pm
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There are all the sigs I've ever made I believe, most of them done since I've been on GW...many of them are Sheppard and Teyla, with a few Teyla inbetween.


Click here for Sigs Galore )g
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So here are all the icons I've made, not sure if they've been posted here before...:

1.Image hosting by Photobucket 2.Image hosting by Photobucket 3.Image hosting by Photobucket 4.Image hosting by Photobucket 5.Image hosting by Photobucket
6.Image hosting by Photobucket 7.Image hosting by Photobucket 8.Image hosting by Photobucket


1.title or description

2.title or description


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