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Almost on Cloud 9...I'm on like cloud 8 and 3/4...

So plans are finally going my way....since every other plan i made for the summer has been squashed...But now it's better...I'm off to New York this weekend...Finally getting out of my state...the only thing that would make this be utter hell was if it rained, (which for some reason, it does most regularly when i make trips into NY)....

So i'll be there two days, I know short, but to get out my state even for 5 mins would be great for me. Anyway, that's my plans for this wkend. Get some shopping in for accessories to match the bridesmaid dress, visit aunts/uncles, and make it to my friends house party...(she finally moved into an apartment bigger than a closet...;-) )...

And that's one plan that cannot and willnot be changed.

Now to really get to what made my day fabulous...or close to it....

SGA-Halcyon....HAS A COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
Available JULY 15TH.....
and it's on sale, just not on Amazon, only Amazon UK....so unfair....(that's what didn't make it the best day ever)


To read more about it....visit [profile] jmswallow 's post.... SGA: Halcyon Cover

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I didn't think I could again be addicted to both a show and the books, for said show, the last time that happened I was 13-14 yrs and the show was 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'....but these SGA novels are just amazing. I thought Rising was great, Reliquary was even better.

So we get a full ensemble...of Sheppard, Mckay, Ford, Teyla, Kavanaugh, and two addition Drs, and two additional marines....later on you get Elizabeth, Bates, Zelenka, Beckett, Grodin..


Reliquary- Spoilers )

[*]Wells, Martha. Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary. United Kingdom: Fandemonium, 2006.

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I finally got the Stargate Atlantis Books. Finished Rising, and will soon be starting Reliquary.

So on to Rising :

Overall I loved it- I think I'd go so far as to say it was better equally as good as the TV episode...O_O...As a shipper I'm IN love with it....


Thoughts on 'Rising' Novelization )



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