Apr. 2nd, 2010

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Day 01 Your favorite song

Day 02 Your favorite movie: DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE

There's so many movies I love, so I'm basing this on a movie I can see over and over again without getting tired of it.
It's an indian/bollywood movie and the reason I love this one specifically and can watch is continually without being annoyed is first because of the music/songs are so great and because of the actors Shahrukh Khan and Kajol I just love them.

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So SyFy has a marathon, and I'm giving this another try. This has to be the fourth time I'm watching this. So far I can clearly state that the only characters I like are Rush and Eli. Scott is alright, but the verdict is still out on exactly if I like him. I find the rest of the characters a bit not to my liking. Not quite sure why but something about the way they're acting (saying) just makes me want them to get thrown out an airlock.

Watching this I was thinking, isn't Atlantis on Earth, why couldn't the Shep's team not been stranded...would have enjoyed seeing them fight over control. Imagine it. Two SG teams fighting it out...hehehe....j/k...

Still on 'Air' I'll update with more opinions later...I think...if i'm still watching it...O_o


After ten hours of nothing of Stargate Universe I can clearly say the following

I still like Rush, even with all his plotting, and evilness (hee!)

Eli, is quirky but I like his attitude, not really liking his obsession with Chloe.

Young, seems a bit wishy washy when it comes to his personal life, but I like his attitude too.

Scott, meh! still not feeling him. He's good, and I can stand him. But I'm not in love with his character.

Neither am I liking Chloe, she got to be of some use some where! So far she's only really been kidnapped.

IOA Chick, is sneaky!...

TJ, is just there, I like her, but not quite sure why. Well, she just hasn't done anything to get on my nerves, really.

Greer, is another meh! Got an attitude, but neither here nor there.

As for everyone else well the verdict is still out. I won't be rushing home to see this every friday, but it's watchable for whenever I'm bored.


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