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Ok got my HYD and SGA fix for the week. Too bad it was the last SGA fix for awhile, but I'll endure.

So I'll start with SGA since I watched that this morning while getting ready for work.

Totally awesome!!!...

Stargate Atlantis: Episode 20: First Strike )

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now for Hana Yori Dango

Can I just say, AGAIN, I just want to cry at the end of the episode.


Hana Yori Dango: Episode 5 )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lifetime Movie: Montana Sky: Nora Roberts


Montana Sky )

And that's that....


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Sorry some of this is a repeat, but i'm trying to keep all my MatsuJun/ Kimi wa Petto/ Hanadan icons in one post so this is why i'm creating this post.


Icons Batch #1 )Created with angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble

That's all for now folks.....
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Why do I feel like curling up and crying...OMG...ANGST ANGST AND MORE ANGST....

So not cool. I can't believe it!...Ok I believe, and I knew it was coming but, jeez and botheration, Smarten up Tsukasa. Urgh boys!...

I finally got the RAW copy dl'd. And had a mad fun time watching it. You got to bare in mind, that 1) this is a non subbed, japanese spoken drama and 2) Witchy doesn't know one word in japanese, so she spent the whole epi just reading body language and faical expressions.

And OMG was it interesting, I can only imaging what they were saying, well have a bit of an idea since i spoiled myself silly.

And then again, it isn't hard to tell what's going on, just difficult to understand what they're saying.

Anyway, long story short, Tsukasa was suppose to meet Tsukushi at the place they met for their first date, but instead he gets a call i guess from Shigeru, the fiancee his mother literally pushed as him, and I guess he plans a date with her to meet RIGHT THERE...exactly when Tsukushi is suppose to meet him....BAKA!!!!....so she sees Shigeru KISS him!....

urgh!...not nice at all.

So it's all about what happens next week now. Now i really want Tsukushi to have a fling with Rui. Teach Tsukasa a lesson, little weasel.

*waits patiently for some kind soul to do hard-subs*.....

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OMG...Finally I got to see more than 15 mins, AND it was subtitled in English...*lol*...even though most of the first 15mins i did see when dls first came out where particically understandable. 

So I've still only seen like 48 mins, and that's halfway through, *stupid work* . Anywho, It's great, I've found a new obsession. Not that I wasn't obsessed with just watching the first season. HEY! The series is just too good. And well I read the manga, so it was nice to see the beginning actually performed, even if they didn't go exactly in sequence as the manga.

Anyway, so far, it's all been flashbacks. Kind of like a catching up on how Tsukushi got to New York. Haven't really seen Tsukasa, only like his back, and then those were all darkened scenes. It's like he's depressed or something. Anyway, it's been mostly about Tsukushi, and the remaining members of F4.

It's odd, but I'm shipping Makino with just about everybody, it's downright insane. So far I'm feeling the following pairings...



Anyway, i'm really excited to see the rest of the episode, may have to catch it tonight.

And still haven't seen SGA- The Ark, may watch that on my lunch break....urgh!!!

ETA: saw the rest of HYD and SGA-The Ark, hehehe...so i'm giddy with joy!

Giddy cause Shep and Teyla go some loving in SGA.
And in HYD Tsukasa is growing up!!!...though he's going about it all wrong...trying to protect Tsukushi without telling her, or the gang, stupid guy!

So, anyway, major developments, Tsukushi gets on the front cover of a magazine called Treasures, think is it's an international copy, so Tsukasa sees it in New York.   tbc



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So I was bored this weekend, after finishing a stupid finance problem...then completing my POV Essay for English I thought it was time for a bit of fun, so I started making some icons....

Sorry no SGA, that's on hold until the new epis start back, which is tomorrow night right????....





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