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Ok got my HYD and SGA fix for the week. Too bad it was the last SGA fix for awhile, but I'll endure.

So I'll start with SGA since I watched that this morning while getting ready for work.

Totally awesome!!!...

Could it get any better?...Finally they're seperated from earth, and have no way of knowing anything. So much like season 1 when they were toughing it out. I got to say I love Jewel Straite (sp?)...I think she'll make a fine addition. I find the fact that she's not over confident a plus, cause if they'd just stuck her in there, and expect her to be perfect in the role, then it would have been a real shame, for all Beckett had done. 

**bit of a rant*

My only problem is AGAIN...why oh why is there always, an obnoxious blow it up military guy at the end of every season. They really get on my nerves. I was never a devoted, fanatical fan of Weir (I'll admit that), but dang, when she starts saying she's quitting, I was like damn right girl, after all that shite, (got to love her for throwing his words back at him)....*hehehe*... three years running, they just take over her operation, and in the process kind of fuck things up even worse, you'd think they'd get the clue, the bombs didn't work three years ago, why oh why do you think they would work now!--it's like different enemy same tactic, come on think up some new stuff....

***ok rant over**

Anyway, that's my issue with things, I know that's how it's suppose to be, so i'll live with it. Though  I really LOVE how it was Teyla she was talking to. I mean it would have been easy for her to vent to John or Mckay, but it was Teyla, and I really do like when they put Teyla and Weir together. 

Moving on, on the whole I realized I've really enjoyed the last few episodes, I haven't been so inclined to search for shippy moments since they've been great team episodes. And I liked in the end here, how we DON'T have the team all helter skelter. You know where everyone is, and the only uncertainty is Elizabeth, who I'm assuming, since I've been lax in reading any assumptions on Season 4 that she may be in some kind of coma, since she's recurring next season, cause girl got a direct hit. 

I also, totally loved flying Atlantis ^_^...so cool....it's about time though, it was getting boring on that planet...*lol*....

But I'm really looking forward to seeing next season, cause now that Elizabeth is out for the count, then it's Sheppard who will be the leader right? That will be interesting to watch..since also they can't use the stargate, they're kind of going to be holded up in Atlantis, but then again they've only got a what a day of energy left? I forgot, I know it's not long though, so....

And Shep's comment to Rodney and Zelenka, to make out already...ROFLMAO....and Zelenka's expression...*lol*....

And my one like shippiness before I sign off on SGA....MR FANTASTIC and THE INVISIBLE WOMAN....*_^....how interesting is Shep's thinking....

And Teyla's so cute when she says she isn't invisible....*lol*....

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now for Hana Yori Dango

Can I just say, AGAIN, I just want to cry at the end of the episode.


NBA---DNA?....Sometimes Tsukasa scares me...*lol*....it was just about as scary, as the 'you know' from episode 4...I'm telling you, his sister dropped him on his head a few times, in addition to always beating him up....*_^....*lol*

But omg, when Tsuksushi finally says yes Rui kissed her....his face...I just wanted to hug him, he looked so devestated. I though at that point he'd rant, and revert to the whacked out Tsukasa, but he handled it well, and left.

And Shigeru calling Akira, who poor guy, him, and Soujiro is always trying to make everyone happy, gotta love those boys, players they may be, but at the heart of it all they're hopeless romantics...^_^....

Though with Shigeru, I swear nothing phases that girl, but then again she's trusting in Tsukasa's word that he'll try to like her, but he's so indecisive, that I'm cringing for when Shigeru finally caves. I really loved her character in the manga, and she's so dominating in the drama, she's so active, that you just CAN'T hate her, I don't think that's possible. 

I really loved Susumu's storyline. So sad he got turned down, after all he went through, but atleast it brought him and Tsukasa closer together, something I never got in the manga, so i'm glad for that. 

Oh! the punch scene, Tsukasa's skills is waining, can't believe Rui got that hit in....good solid punch.  And when Rui tells Tsukasa he's serious about Tsukushi, I started freaking, cause in Season 1, there was the restaurante scene where Tsukasa was telling Tsukushi about Rui and the apple, and something, (could have gotten the translations wrong), about how if She likes Rui, he'd fall for her eventually?..or was it the other way around, anyway, I just started freaking, cause he looked as if he'd just hit rock bottom. His best friend, inlove with the girl he loves...not good. But I will say this, they weren't going on anymore, so no one is at fault, but jeez louise, Tsukasa....can't believe he flipped like that. Not the best way to go.

And the end, when he confessed, I just about died and when to heaven, then dropped right back down when Tsukushi walked away.....

And to end it all she call RUI!!!....Now being the optomistic person I am I'm going to say that it's because he's so easy for her to talk to on the phone, which in person, we kow she wouldn't be so good talking to him. Cause I don't want to believe that she's going to go with Rui....I don't mind it, cause he's so sweet to her, and is always there to talk to her, but I still think it's a friendship, I only see TsuTsu, i've got on blinders for everything else....*lol*....

but as for next week....OMG...Tsukasa HUGGING Tsukushi from behind in HER APT!!!....wonder what they're talking about, that leads to that. And then Rui HUGGING Tsukushi outside the apt. don't know what brings that on. And Nishida @ Tsukushi's door, the look she's giving him...if looks could kill he'd be dead. Really looking forward to the valentines day stuff. And is it me or is Tsukushi holding the saturn necklace box at the end of the preview looking so conflicted...could mean either, she's giving it back to him, or she's totally angsting over the necklace, like he was over the cookie box. Still can't believe he threw it away, now what will be angst over...:-(....

Well that's that.....for HYD...can't wait for the weekend to see Episode 6...wow that's like that halfway through the season already....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lifetime Movie: Montana Sky: Nora Roberts


Ok so Angel's Fall wasn't great, no i didn't read the book so i'm not comparing it to the book I'm just saying Heather Locklear, was not so convincing in a role that was written by Nora Roberts, I can't see her writing a role, like Heather Locklear depicted, and my firend who did read the book said that neither did she think it was good characterization.

But I did read Montana Sky, (the beginning  and some of the middle), this was about 9 years ago, so it was awhile...*lol*...
But I think John Corbett and cast did a fantastic job, I definitely got the Nora Roberts vibe from it. So I really can't complain. It was wonderful, I think everyone played their character well, Willa, Hollywood, and their sister was great and the added chemistry of all the actors played out well.

So Blue Smoke is next Monday, I did read that book, and Carolina Moon which is playing the Monday after. So I'm excited to see those acted out.

And that's that....



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